Our Role

When it comes to the health care of a loved one, you want the best treatment possible. Whether you or a family member need temporary in-home care, or full time senior home care, you expect experienced, professional caretakers.

Care Should Match Needs Some seniors are capable of caring for themselves, yet they may require assistance with daily needs, such as bathing, housekeeping, meal planning, medication reminders, or even pet care. Others may be recovering from hospitalization or suffering from a long-term illness and require more extensive care.

Our goal at Sunny Side Group Inc. is to provide the opportunity for seniors to stay in the comfort of their own home for as long as possible. Ours is non-medical services only; however, our caregivers are trained to take vital signs and help with medications. We also help with mobility and transportation services.

We offer Live-in care and 24-hour care. Live-in care and 24-hour care are not the same, and are billed differently. Live-in caregivers reside in the home and serve in a safety and companionship role, sleeping when the client sleeps. The client is charged by the day. With 24-hour care, the client is charged by the hour. The caretaker never sleeps, and works in 8- or 12-hour shifts, rotating with other caretakers provided by Sunny Side Group Inc.

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