COVID-19 Protocol

Since the beginning of the Sunny Side Group Inc has been staying updated and monitoring the CDC as well as all Massachusetts guidelines and orders. Sunny Side Group Inc has found it imperative to continue educating ourselves and our caregivers on Covid-19 as new information and discoveries continue to develop. We are all working together to ensure best practice is being used.

Sunny Side Group Inc is working to make sure that caregivers caseloads are limited to help lessen possible exposure. Our clients and their families as well as our caregivers and their families health and safety are our top priority. We will continue to educate ourselves on any improvements that can be made during this time.

Caregivers working in the client’s home

Caregivers are instructed to wash their hands upon entering and leaving a client’s home as well as washing their hands frequently through out their shifts. They are also wearing gloves when assisting clients with hands-on care and wearing masks during their shifts. If a caregiver is not feeling well and experiencing any symptoms, they will be instructed to take the day off. Clients will be notified and will be able to have a fill in for the shift.

Caregivers working in a facility

Caregivers who are working in facilities are gowned in protective gear provided by the facility. If a caregiver is working in a facility, they are following facility protocols like having to answer questions on shift arrival such as have they or anyone they have been in contact experiencing symptoms, caregivers also have their temperature checked when they arrive for their shift. If there is a reading of 100* or above, caregivers are sent home. Once sent home caregivers must be tested for Covid-19 ASAP. If possible they should request a rapid test in order to have results same day. Caregivers must be able to provide test results to Sunny Side Group Inc and the facility to show they are negative before they are able to return. If the test is positive for Covid-19, caregiver must remain out of work until symptom free and/or can provide Covid-19 negative test result. If a caregiver does test positive, anyone they had come into contact with will be notified of positive results.

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